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The incredible menus (and the rest of this web site) handcrafted by yours truly. View source to see how I did it. :-}

My demos of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular, JSON, jQuery, jQuery UI, Java, Spring MVC and more are sprinkled across this web site or available on demand.

For more (and more to come), visit my Goodies page and my HTML5 Demo.

Note: Google has deprecated and decommissioned their feed API starting December 15, 2016. I am working on modifying my code to use a replacement approach for the "News Ticker" component below.

Meanwhile, check my React app that fetches articles from the New York Times.

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Web development and digital marketing leader. Full stack, polyglot development (JavaScript, Java). Design, architecture and program/product leadership of responsive web application development using multiple languages, libraries, frameworks and tools, involving all application tiers, techniques and lightweight methodologies (Agile, Scrum).


Citizen of Canada and the United States of America


I'm a technology generalist and web development specialist with 20+ years of extremely cutting-edge full-time industry experience. My predominant skills include JavaScript/ECMAScript7, Bootstrap, React.js, Node.js, Angular.js 2, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Java, Oracle, MongoDB, SOA, Web Services, Design Patterns, Linux.

My emphasis is on a "pixel to metal (p2m)" awareness of every single layer and phase of the journey from inception/planning through execution/development to the delivery of a production ready application.

I possess significant customer-facing experience delivering custom enterprise solutions to Fortune 500 companies such as The World Bank, Novell, Pfizer, Toyota, Siemens, Goodyear, and Michelin.

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